How long has the bot been running?

Prik has been trading on real money since the fall of 2020 (more than a year), the strategy has also successfully proved itself on backtests over the past 2.5 years, for example, Prik bot not only survived the May fall of 2021, but also earned more than 50% of the total deposit that month

What is the yield for the last year?

The average yield for 2021 was 15% per month

What is the minimum trading deposit?

$100 is the minimum deposit to start the bot

Is the bot fully automated?

Yes, Prik is a completely autonomous trading tool, you do not need to take any action and interfere in the trading strategy – the commission is also transferred automatically

What is the commission?

The commission amount is 35%, it is automatically deducted every week from the profit earned over the past week. For example, your initial deposit was $1000, during the week the bot earned 5% ($50), of which 35% ($17.5) is our commission. This is the only fee we charge, no hidden commissions

P.S. If the week was unprofitable, the commission is NOT taken

Where should I transfer money for the bot to start trading?

We work through the Finandy Exchange, the official broker and partner of Binance

Finandy (like all Binance brokers) uses the liquidity and security of Binance assets – this is technically Binance, only with its functionality

For example, Finandy allows you to simply and quickly create your account and connect to the Prik Bot without identity verification (that is, it will be impossible to determine your identity, respectively, and nationality, which reduces the risk of blocking under the circumstances to a minimum) - for complete security, you can use a VPN

Can I withdraw money on my own?

Yes, you can withdraw any amount at any time. Moreover, any withdrawal of funds can only be made by you from your Finandy account – we do not have access to your funds, everything is completely under your control

Can I top up my balance on my own?

Yes, you can top up your balance at any time, for this you just need to transfer funds to your futures account in Finandy, and that's it – Prik will automatically update your trading deposit

Can I be in the red?

Prik bot (and any other trading strategy) involves drawdowns from time to time, so at the moment your current balance may be lower than the original, but for 2.5 years maximum drawdown at the time amounted to no more than 25%, while the losing month (June 2020) closed at -7%; in 2.5 years there were only 3 unprofitable months

Can I lose everything?

A complete loss of the deposit is possible only in case of force majeure, such as the closure of the exchange or a total ban on cryptocurrencies around the world – in market conditions over the past 2.5 years, the strategy has shown stable results preventing significant drawdowns due to competent and carefully designed risk management

How to launch Prik?

Please, go to our Telegram bot – there you will find simple and step-by-step instruction on how to launch Prik bot